I bring nothing but my sweet pu$$y to the table – BBNaija’s Tolanibaj tells men (Video) ‎

In a recent conversation with Moet Abebe, Tolani Baj spoke into the controversial topic of what women bring to the table in relationships. Both women expressed their disdain for the question, but Tolani Baj took a bold stance, revealing that the only thing she offers is her female genitals.

She proceeded to elaborate on the character traits of the female genitals, presenting it as her primary asset in any relationship.

Unapologetically, she declared that her female genitals were her main offering.

Recalling an earlier podcast episode featuring Moet Abebe and Tolani Baj, the duo shared intriguing insights into their dating preferences and experiences. Moet Abebe expressed her reluctance to date someone from the mainland, citing geographical differences. On the other hand, Tolani Baj exhibited a more open-minded approach, expressing willingness to date someone from the mainland under certain conditions.

Tolani Baj showcased her flexibility, provided the individual was financially accommodating and willing to commute between the mainland and the island for her.

However, Moet Abebe’s revelation about being involved in multiple relationships sparked controversy. Netizens criticized her, alleging that she was fabricating stories and suggesting she was “single to stupor.” Accusations of trying to appear cool on camera added fuel to the social media backlash against Moet Abebe.

Moet Abebe faced backlash over her claims of being involved in various relationships. Netizens doubted the authenticity of her statements, accusing her of presenting a false image for the camera. The social media storm intensified, with critics asserting she was ‘single to stupor.

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