7 Celebrities That Were Mistaken To Be Women But Are Actually Men ‎

Due to how these male celebrities dress on social media, there has been this misconception about their personality, there were once mistaken to be the gender they are not,  and also the kind of attitude they showcase on social media has proven to be different from the initial gender given to them from birth. They were all initially born as men, but they prefer being called ladies.

They were all initially born as men, but they prefer being called ladies.

Come to think of it, assuming most of them these celebrities didn’t disclose about how they looked before fame, maybe no one would know that they used to be a boy before the transformations. It was through the throwbacks they posted that we realized, that all of them were not what we expected.

1) Nikita Dragun.

These people look like perfect ladies, most of them acclaim to be transgenders, but they are just crossdressers. Nikita Dragun is probably the only transgender among them, he has once shared the process of her transformation, while the likes of Bobrisky, Jay Boogie, and Buchi are likely to be crossdressers.

2) Bobrisky.

Photo Credit: Bobrisky/Instagram.

Even as clear as it is that they are all men, some of them still claim to have boyfriends and sugar daddies just to make their drama surprising. While many do have it and are not ready to change what they are doing because it’s what gives them fame and money on daily basis.

3) Jay Boogie.

Photo Credit: Jayboogie/Instagram.

These sets of celebrities are gradually dominating social media, Instagram in particular, making money and becoming more popular through their feminine personality when they were initially born as men.

Most of them will want to pick a fight with any of their fans who try to call them a man. They don’t want anyone to call them that, if you by any chance call them, then the person will be dragged on social media.

4) Alexander Buchi.

Photo Credit: Devah/Instagram.

These men that call themselves ladies on social media are also into some kind of competition with themselves. Aside from Nikita Dragun who is not a Nigerian, the rest act as though they were into some crossdressing competition.

5) Jay Bugatti.

Photo Credit: Jaybugatti/Instagram.

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