Bobrisky announces second surgery, vows to be Nigeria’s most beautiful ‎ ‎

In a surprising revelation, internet sensation Bobrisky has taken to social media, specifically Instagram, to announce his plans for a second cosmetic surgery, set to take place in the first week of December. The self-proclaimed “Nigerian Barbie” seems to have no intention of slowing down in his quest for perfection.

“Going under another knife first week in December l’m ready to risk my life to be d most beautiful woman in Nigeria. These bitches know I’m d real deal.”

Bobrisky’s motivation for this next surgical venture is to become the most beautiful woman in Nigeria.

Notably, the controversial figure emphasized that the beauty people perceive online might not truly reflect reality. According to Bobrisky, when people meet him in person, they are often left in awe by his stunning looks and an enviable figure.

In a world where image is everything, Bobrisky’s pursuit of beauty takes on a whole new level of significance. He firmly believes that enhanced beauty will attract a higher caliber of men into his social circle. It’s an interesting perspective on the relationship between aesthetics and success.

But Bobrisky is not the only cross-dresser making headlines recently. Jay Boogie, another well-known cross dresser, recently underwent surgery and encountered some post-operative complications. He took to social media to express his concerns, even mentioning the possibility of kidney issues, which left him perplexed about their origin. He had even gone as far as tagging the hospital and doctor he had gotten the surgery from ranting that if anything happened to home, the hospital should be held responsible.

Bobrisky’s journey has not been without its share of difficulties, as he faced personal pain and loss earlier this year with the passing of his father in August.

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