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Cynthia Omowumi Aloba, the 24-year-old wife of late Nigerian singer Mohbad testifies before the court yesterday November 7th 2023 and by extension narrates how the singer died.

Mohbad wife appears at the Candide-Johnson Court House in Ita-Elewa, Ikorodu yesterday and even underwent 5 hours of questioning regarding her husband’s death.

This comes following the coroner’s inquest that was held on October 25th 2023 where Joseph Aloba, the father of late Nigerian singer Mohbad disclosed to the court that Wunmi was very unfaithful to Mohbad when he was alive.

Speaking on how Mohbad died, Wunmi said; “I followed Mohbad to the Ikorodu show with our son, Liam. Primeboy was also with us in the same car. We got there at about 7pm and Mohbad performed at 9pm. I sat in the car with Liam. When Mohbad finished his performance, he wanted to enter the car when his fans surrounded him and started screaming his name. He brought out N100,000 and gave them. Still the fans did not let him be so he told someone to call a bouncer to disperse them.”

Before the bouncer came, he entered the car with primeboy. I sat down in their middle. When the fans were still complaining they wanted more money, Mohbad sent his younger brother to go break down some cash so he could give them but he took so long before he came back. This made Prime boy furious and he scolded Mohbad’s brother and that one insulted him back. Primeboy now turned to Mohbad and said your brother is insulting me in your presence and you are not saying anything. I can never allow my own younger brother to insult you. This led to a big argument between Prime boy and Mohbad.

Along the line, Prime boy said ‘Mohbad shut up’. That statement infuriated Mohbad, he came out of the car, went to Prime boy’s side and opened the door. When Mohbad got out of the car, I also got down to call the other guys that followed us who were in the second prado so they could settle the fight. By the time I got back, I saw some crowd already trying to intervene between them and I saw a wound in his hand. They told me he punched the glass window of the prado…..

After the incident at the show, we went home. When we got home, I was mad at Mohbad over how he behaved at the show so I went to my room. Mohbad came to my room to beg me and he explained that he didn’t like how Primeboy talked at him. We settled it and I asked him if the hand was not hurting him too much and he showed me the wound which was just like a scratch. I applied Robb on it. After this, we had a little fight, which was like an argument.

Mohbad asked me about the update on me and Liam’s passport and I told him that the person processing the passport has not finished it. He got so mad and started blaming me for the delay. The following day, his hand had become so swollen so we decided to call a nurse. Mohbad’s personal nurse was not available so Ayobami who was Mohbad’s friend decided to call his own nurse, Feyi. When Feyi came, she first checked his temperature and she examined the hand. As she was treating him, I was on and off the scene because I was cooking in the kitchen.

I was there when she gave the first injection but when she gave the second injection, I was in the kitchen. After some minutes, Mohbad told the nurse to remove the drip she put on him because he wasn’t feeling good. He ran to the bathroom and we poured water on him. Then he started vomiting. His mechanic was outside, repairing his car. I quickly rushed to the mechanic outside to ask him if we could use the car to take Mohbad to the hospital. The mechanic said the car was not fit to go out. I started screaming for help outside, then someone offered to take him to the hospital……

The reason why we didn’t take Mohbad to the hospital earlier was because he had a phobia for hospitals ever since the NDLEA issue happened that they gave him water and he landed at the hospital He was so scared of the hospital to the extent that when my delivery date was due, he was persuading me to deliver at home all because he didn’t want to enter the hospital. When Mohbad started vomiting and becoming weak and I screamed for help, someone offered to drive us to the hospital.

As we were on our way to the hospital, It was me, Mohbad, Mohbad’s cameraman and one other guy that were in the vehicle with the driver. We sat at the back with Mohbad making efforts to save his life. The driver stretched his hand to the back and held Mohbad’s hand. Then he told us that the hand was very cold. By then we had entered into traffic. We had to stop a bike man. One of the guys was with Mohbad in the bike while I took another bike and was following them.

We got to the hospital and rushed him in. The doctor and nurses attended to him immediately. After about 15 mins, the doctor came out and told us Mohbad was ded. I was like what do you mean by ded? Is that how people d!e? Someone that was still gisting with me some hours ago. What could have k!lled him? I didn’t believe the doctor. By then I already called Mohbad’s cousin who was in Ajah to come over. He got to the hospital after 20mins. Then we rushed Mohbad to another hospital and the doctor said he was brought in de*d……

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