“No be today She dey rev£al bødy” —Check out 6 Times Tiwa Savage’s Clothes Embãrrassed Her In Public(Photos) ‎

Nigerian superstar Tiwa Savage just dropped her highly anticipated new EP Water and Garri, a sensational body of work I must say, and it is getting a lot of buzz.

Tiwa Savage

Some people however have been hung up on the EP cover. While some people like it, some people absolutely hate it and say that other celebrities like Gigi Hadid wore the outfit better (something I personally don’t agree with).

All this talk about Tiwa Savage’s clothes and how much people have had to say about it over the years struck up a fun listicle idea in my head and so, today, I think it’ll be fun if we both look through 5 Tiwa Savage outfits that have caused her some wahala in her life.

I believe it’s going to be fun. Are you ready? Then let’s go!

1. This Green Dress

Tiwa Savage

If you’ve been around the Nigerian parts of the internet long enough, you KNOW you have seen this picture at least once in association with Tiwa Savage’s name.

Tiwa Savage

This picture caused so much embarrassment for Tiwa. The headlines that were written, the people that used it as thumbnail for their clickbait videos – this picture was everywhere. During the fitting, she probably did not realize that the zipper at the back of the dress ended in a way that the back of her skirt would be left wide open when she was dancing. If Tiwa could go back in time, there’s no doubt she would have probably rethought her outfit choice here.

2. This White Short Skirt

Tiwa Savage wore this dress to perform earlier on in her career when she probably didn’t know yet the wickedness of some Nigerian photographers.

If you’re standing to take a picture of the outfit from the front, it doesn’t look bad. But when you take this picture from certain angles like the photographers at this event did, well… let’s just say it leads to A LOT of embarrassment and articles that end up with titles like below.

3. This One Leg Up, One Leg Down Outfit

You can already imagine the comments when this picture hit the Nigerian internet scape in 2015.

People yabbed everything from the cut of the dress, to the one leg up, one leg down style of the dress. Worst of all, they yabbed Tiwa Savage’s complexion saying that her face and her legs didn’t match in the picture.

The backlash was so much that Tiwa Savage responded to the comments with this picture not too long after. As you can imagine, the response caused even more conversation:If anything you have to love Tiwa’s sense of humor! ?

4. Her Shorts

Do you know how many times Tiwa Savage’s shorts have gotten her insult?

At one of her shows, she even spoke about people’s hatred against her shorts, specifically the one in the picture below with Wizkid, saying:

They judge me a lot. They misunderstand me. I don’t want to be controversial. I just like the shorts, the black shorts. I didn’t know it was all cut up and my butt was out (laughs).

5. This Oyi Moment

Nobody is still sure about what happened in this clip but what we do know from what we see is that Tiwa Savage was on stage and it seems her outfit came off and so she was on stage embarrassed and didn’t know what to do.

The light people tried to switch off the light but that didn’t last. Thankfully, Flavour came out with a coat with which she covered herself and left the stage. Some people are confused because they thought it was acting for the Oyi (Catching Cold) Remix she’s on with Flavour, but some others say it’s a wardrobe malfunction. See for yourself and let me know what you think.

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