I’m 29 but wear three-month-old baby clothes because they don’t make adult pieces in my size – I’m happy though ‎

JYOTI Amge is so small that she has to shop in the infant section – and fits in size three months.

The 29-year-old measures up at just two feet tall, making her shorter than the average two-year-old.

She has a form of dwarfism named achondroplasia, where cartilage in the body does not convert into a bone during foetal development.

Jyoti’s size saw her officially declared the world’s shortest woman by Guinness World Records on her 18th birthday in 2011.

Most of her clothes and jewellery are custom made, and pieces that aren’t are purchased from retailers’ infant sections.

“The best way to not look like a baby is to dress like an adult,” she says.

But this is hard when you can only shop in the infant section.

“I’m looking for clothes to go out in at night.”

Like a lot of women, Jyoti has an interest in fashion and enjoys the process of styling outfits – even if it is trickier for her than most.

She is able to pick up some clothes, such as leather jackets and jeans, designed for infants and style them to look more mature.


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