“I’m Already Doing A Movie Series Based on Mohbad’s Incident” – Actor Kunle Afolayan Reveals (Watch) ‎ ‎

Nigerians were plunged into sadness following the passing of rapper Mohbad earlier in the year. Talks and battles to deliver the young man the justice he so richly deserves continue to this day.

Nollywood film producer Kunle Afolayan, who disclosed in a recent interview with Culture Custodian that he is already in the planning stages of creating a series inspired by Mohbad’s occurrence, is one person who was also impacted by Mohbad’s passing. What Kune Afolayan had to say was as follows.

Kunle Afolayan made the revelation that he’s already in the planning stage of doing a series inspired by Mohbad’s incident when he was asked during his interview “Most of your films are tailored towards human nature while your protagonists are often complex beings with internal crises and obvious weaknesses. Why is this so and what do you take into consideration when creating your characters and making casting choices? Does this have anything to do with your belief system?”

Kunle said: Recently, I did a short video about Mohbad, and there I mentioned that he acquired massive fame after he died, which is spiritual. As humans, when things happen, we tend to involve some spirituality, attributing good things to God and negative things to the Devil. In these situations, we are reluctant to think that the happenings could be the results of our own actions. This was what informed my second breakout film The Figurine, as I set out to play with people’s minds and gave the story an ambiguous ending.


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