I will gladly become a second wife, Even If He’s Not Up To my Standard — Actress Wumi Toriola Spills (Video) ‎

According to Nigerian actress Wumi Toriola, she might consider taking on a second marriage. “I’m after-one now, so I’d gladly become a second wife,” declared the single mother of one.

Toriola talked during a recent interview with Debbie Shokoya, a well-known media figure. The actress claimed to have been unmarried for “a while now.”

She said, “I used to have the mindset that I can’t be a second or third wife but that has changed because I’m after-one now.

“If I see an after-one like me too or a widower, I will marry him. What matters is my happiness.

She claimed that most men avoid approaching female celebrities because they mistakenly believe that they are only interested in wealthy guys, although this isn’t the case for all of them. Contrary to common belief, which holds that wealthy men are the source of their opulent lifestyles, Toriola continued, the majority of actresses worked for their money.

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