Eniola Ajao and Seven Notable Nigerian Female Celebrities Who Keep the Identity of Their Baby’s Father Hidden (Photos)

Eniola Ajao and Seven Notable Nigerian Female Celebrities Who Keep the Identity of Their Baby’s Father Hidden (Photos)

Society tends to perceive having a child out of wedlock differently, even among celebrities. Some view it as unconventional, while others don’t consider it an issue. Celebrities, like anyone else, may find themselves in such situations due to various reasons, like failed marriage proposals or personal circumstances.

To prevent controversies, some female celebrities might opt to keep the identity of their child’s father private. This choice is often made to protect their child’s privacy and avoid unnecessary media attention or public judgment. It’s crucial to understand that personal choices and circumstances can be complex, and we should respect their decisions regarding their personal lives.

Ruth Kadiri

The Nollywood actress had a private wedding ceremony with her husband before they welcomed their first child in 2019, followed by their second child in 2022.

Ruth values her privacy and keeps her marriage personal, unlike her colleagues who often celebrate their husband’s birthdays or wedding anniversaries online. She prefers to keep those moments private and away from the public eye.

Eniola Ajao

In 2022, the Yoruba Nollywood actress made a revelation about having a 20-year-old son. However, she remained silent and did not disclose any information about her baby daddy, keeping that aspect of her personal life private.

Etinosa Idemudia

In 2020, the arrival of Etinosa Idemudia’s baby garnered significant online attention, mainly due to discussions surrounding her claim of practicing celibacy. Similar to fellow celebrities, Etinosa opted to maintain the privacy of her baby’s father.

There were rumors suggesting Nigerian singer MC Galaxy’s involvement in the pregnancy, but she neither confirmed nor refuted these speculations. The actress has chosen to remain silent on the issue, leaving the public to speculate independently.


Renowned for her frank personality and candid responses to trending controversial topics on the internet, the former BBNaija star continues to be among the reality TV show’s most well-liked contestants.

During 2019, TBoss skillfully kept her pregnancy private, although rumors about her expecting her first child circulated. Eventually, she officially disclosed the birth of her baby, leading to discussions and speculations online regarding the identity of the child’s father.

Halima Abubakar:

In April 2020, Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar captured attention with a post featuring a picture of an American nursing mother to announce the birth of her son. However, this act sparked accusations of theft.

Subsequently, she came forward and admitted that the photo was not of her baby. Halima clarified that she refrained from using her baby’s picture because he was born prematurely.

Despite the controversy, the identity of her baby’s father remained a mystery, and to this day, Halima has kept it private and hasn’t revealed who the father is.

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