“This One Is 22 Inches OOOOO”– Nollywood celebrities react as Bolanle Ninalowo’s alleged nuudee video Leeaks online ‎

Nollywood luminary Bolanle Ninalowo has found himself at the epicenter of a social media storm following the alleged release of an intimate video, sparking a fervent discourse among fans and celebrities on the concerning surge of explicit content within the entertainment industry.

The purported unveiling of a video featuring Ninalowo in a private setting has set the internet abuzz, triggering discussions among fans and notable personalities such as Tunde Ednut and Sukanmi Bolanle. Their reactions have added fuel to the already blazing online conversations surrounding the incident.

In the alleged video, Ninalowo is seen in an intimate situation, raising eyebrows and speculation within the online community. The shared tattoos between Ninalowo and the individual in the video have been pointed out as a potential giveaway, intensifying the controversy.

Celebrity blogger Tunde Ednut couldn’t resist joining the social media frenzy, adding his voice to the discussions that have taken a life of their own. Actor Sukanmi Bolanle, however, cast doubt on the authenticity of the video, asserting that the person featured wasn’t Ninalowo. This divergence of opinions only served to heighten the intrigue surrounding the incident.

The comments section became a battleground of opinions, with netizens and content creators like Okoli Classic contributing their thoughts on the viral clip. The incident has opened a broader dialogue about the invasion of privacy, the rise of explicit content, and the impact on celebrities’ personal lives and public images.

As the online community awaits further developments, the Ninalowo controversy serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by public figures in the age of social media, where private moments can quickly become public spectacles with far-reaching consequences.

In September 2023, Ninalowo announced the end of his marriage to Bunmi, his wife, of 18 years.

In a recent interview, he stated that his crashed marriage with his estranged wife was never a mistake, rather, a blessing.

His words;

“I am a special kind of person, I am anointed, graceful, and very spiritual. My ex-wife was not a mistake in my life, it was divine and the next woman I will meet will also be divine.”

Few months later, Ninalowo fueled dating rumours after he shared a video

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